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Learn the simple tactics and frameworks that Business and Brand Coaches, Lyndsay and Ashley, have taught to 300+ individuals and Elevate your Career and Business.

  • Define your Power Statement

  • Understand how to effectively communicate your value

  • Create your Personal Elevator Pitch

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"Make your power statement a confident representation of you."

LinkedIn is a crowded platform with millions of users. Crafting a clear and compelling power statement can increase your credibility in the eyes of potential employers or clients, and increase the chances of being found by people searching for professionals with your expertise.

On-Demand Workshop

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What People Say About Our Coaches...

"Lyndsay gave us actionable tips & actions to make on the spot to level up our game."

"I found Ashley’s approach to be refreshing and mind opening. I feel more inspired and I am excited to learn more from her!"

"The one hour workshop with Lyndsay on Zoom saved me time & mental bandwidth, as I now know exactly what I need to do to improve my profile & have already changed a few things."

"Just getting clarity in my target & power statements alone have been worth every penny spent on Ashley's workshop!"

On-Demand Workshop

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Sell Me Your Story

More than just Words.

Lyndsay Dowd

Apple News Global

Top 10 Business Coach

Ashley Pereira

Brand & Business Coach

"your profile gets you noticed. your story makes sure you're remembered."

On-Demand Workshop

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What is the workshop about and what will I learn from it?

The purpose of this workshop is to teach you how to utilize your personal brand, experience, skills, and strengths to improve your career and job search opportunities. Multiple exercises and templates are offered in this course.

Is there access to the instructors or additional support if I need help?

You can contact support via email at with any questions. If you need additional 1:1 coaching support please reference that in your email so we can provide the best options and availability to help.

What materials or resources do I need to participate in the workshop?

All you need is your computer, and a pen! We provide the presentation, templates, workbooks, and guides -- Simply print them out and follow along!

How long is the workshop, and can I access the content at my own pace?

This workshop is designed to take no more than a total of 3 hours to complete, including the course work. The way this course was designed is to encourage quick, action-oriented steps that can be implemented immediately. However, you can go at your own pace.

Do you have a return and exchange policy?

All sales are final.

Lyndsay Dowd

Apple News Global Top 10 Business Coach

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Ashley Pereira

Brand & Business Coach

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